This is the Project Blog of  “Promoting autonomy by employing pedagogical strategies in the language classroom” in Department of English, Hong Kong Institute of Education.

This TDG project aims to promote autonomy in the English major students in HKIEd by providing them with hands-on experience of being in a learning environment where learner and teacher autonomy are highly encouraged.  The project draws upon the module lecturers’ extensive teaching and research experiences in Language and Education programmes by inviting all of them to incorporate pedagogical strategies for autonomy in the courses they teach.  Through promoting innovative approaches to teaching (e.g., interactive assessment for learning, reflective journal writing, peer teaching), the module lecturers will develop specific materials and adopt certain pedagogical principles in the classroom to encourage students to be autonomous learners and teachers.  As learner autonomy and teacher autonomy are interdependent, it is our hope that not only our students will benefit from the autonomous experience in the programme, but also their future students in Hong Kong and around the region.

This project started in July 2010 and will be completed in August 2011.

You are welcome to visit the Project Website.

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