In this task of class wikibook project, students will work in groups of 4 or 5, and each group member will contribute (1000 words) to a chapter of a student-authored academic book ‘ Introduction to Language Studies’ based on the topics introduced in this course. Each chapter must also include 10 multiple-choice comprehension questions based on the content of the chapter.

Peer editing among group members will be required and members in the same group will receive the same group grade (35% of the total grade) . The draft and the final version of your group chapter must be posted on the Wetpaint wikibook website online according to the following schedule: Chapter 2 (Draft Oct. 1, Final Oct. 15), Chapter 3 (Draft Oct. 8, Final Oct. 22), Chapter 4 ( Oct. 15, Final Oct. 29), Chapter 5 ( Oct. 29, Final Nov. 12), Chapter 6 ( Nov. 5, Final Nov. 19), Chapter 7 ( Nov. 12, Final Nov. 26), Chapter 8 ( Nov. 19, Final Dec. 3), Chapter 9 ( Nov. 26, Final Dec. 10). These due dates are according to the order that topics are introduced in class.

Group members must peer edit each other’s section in the corresponding chapter of the book so as to help ensure that each section includes sufficient detail, that the writing is polished, and that the whole chapter is coherent (the content of each section links together logically and smoothly).

Each group MUST post a proper draft of the wikibook chapter online according to the dates provided in the above table (Fridays, midnight), and other students MUST read and comment online by midnight the following Monday. One point (from the total of 10 points) will be deducted each time a student fails to provide a written comment on a wikibook chapter without legitimate reasons before the deadlines shown above. Each group will then give a 15-minute group presentation on the dates specified above about the key concepts of the group’s wikibook chapter, and the tutor will give a group grade based on the presentation (10% of the overall grade). On Friday of the following week (see dates in the above table), the group MUST finalize the wikibook chapter online by midnight, and also submit a soft copy of the complete chapter via the Blackboard course site, using the turnitin assignment submission function.  The tutor will grade each chapter and give each group a final group grade. This grade will weigh 35 % of the overall grade. The grade and feedback will be given back to the group via email one week after the submission of the chapter.

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