Autonomy Bibliography

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Self access and advising
Distance learning & e-learning
Learner strategies & learner training/development
Involving learners in course design & management
Evaluation & assessment

Antonomous_learning By Benson by Phil Benson

Online bibliography by Hayo Reinders

Independent learning /Self access centres

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Baptist University

CAES, University of Hong Kong

SALC, Kanda University of International Studies, JAPAN

Languages International, NZ

Manukau Institute of Technology, NZ

Unitec New Zealand

The University of Auckland, NZ

La Trobe University, AUS

Macquarie University, National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR), AUS

Monash University English Language Centre (MUELC), AUS

University of New South Wales, AUS

University of Cambridge, UK

Exploratory Practice


Exploratory Practice Centre in Rio de Janeiro


Dick Allwright’s Seminar for Research Students on Exploratory Practice
The University of Warwick, UK: June 2009 (video available)


Allwright, D. (2003). Exploratory Practice: rethinking practitioner research in language teaching. Language Teaching Research, 7(2), 113-141.

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Chuk, J. Y. P. (2004). Promoting learner autonomy in the EFL classroom: The Exploratory Practice way. Paper presented at the Supporting Independent English Language Learning in the 21st Century: Proceedings of the Independent Learning Association Conference. pp 57-74. Available online:

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Zhang, R. (2004). Using the principles of Exploratory Practice to guide group work in an extensive reading class in China. Language Teaching Research, 8(3), 331-345.

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